Tesla Cybertruck assembly line upgrades halt Giga TX production

(Credit: Jeff Roberts)

Tesla Giga Texas is halting production to upgrade and optimize assembly lines focused on producing the Cybertruck and the Model Y. 

Drone operator Jeff Roberts provides the information regarding Giga Texas’ production halt via X, formerly known as Twitter. Fellow Giga Texas drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer noted that general assembly lines #2 and #3 were getting upgrades and in the middle of retooling. Tesla’s headquarters also received a lot of new equipment. 

Tesla’s TX-based factory seems focused on upgrading the Cybertruck and Model Y assembly lines. Giga Texas’s testing lot and area for outbound vehicles was nearly empty in Roberts and Tegtmeyer’s latest videos and photos of the factory site. 

Considering the upgrades, Tesla Giga Texas is spooling up to start Cybertruck production. In July, Tesla paused its Model Y assembly line at Giga Texas for upgrades. While the Model Y line was halted, Tesla reportedly reassigned some staff to the Cybertruck assembly line. On July 15, Tesla celebrated the first complete Cybertruck build at Giga Texas. 

Tesla Cybertruck sightings have significantly increased over the past month or two, teasing the post-apocalyptic truck’s imminent deliveries. A Cybertruck release candidate was recently spotted charging at a Tesla Supercharger. The release candidate had wires running through the all-electric pickup truck, hinting that Tesla is still running tests and refining a few details before Cybertruck deliveries. 

Check out Joe Tegtmeyer’s Giga Texas update video below!

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Tesla Cybertruck assembly line upgrades halt Giga TX production
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