Tesla Giga Berlin celebrates one year of vehicle production

A lot of things have happened at Tesla’s Giga Berlin over the past year. The facility’s special paint shop took center stage as Tesla offered two new color options that are only available to Giga Berlin-made vehicles. Model Y production also ramped at a steady pace, reaching 4,000 units per week late last month. 

But Giga Berlin is just starting. It’s an impressive facility today, but it is still just developing its stride. One year of vehicle production is still an impressive milestone nonetheless, which is why it’s no surprise that the electric vehicle maker shared a commemorative post about the facility’s milestone recently. 

Using its Tesla Europe Twitter account, the EV maker shared a picturesque image of the Model Y against Giga Berlin. “One year ago, we delivered our first made-in-Germany vehicles! hbd Giga Berlin,” Tesla Europe wrote. 

Gigafactory Berlin’s first vehicle deliveries were followed closely by the media last year, especially since the facility’s final environmental approval took a long time. The facility’s buildout itself was not that long despite a number of delays, but the time it took Giga Berlin to secure permission to actually produce Model Y crossovers was substantial.

Since then, Giga Berlin has faced more challenges, including opposition from local environmental groups, but the facility has continued to ramp its operations. This culminated last month when it was announced by the electric vehicle maker that the Germany-based facility had achieved an output of 4,000 Model Y crossovers per week. But Tesla is not done, of course. 

As per recent reports, Tesla has started the application process for Giga Berlin’s expansion, which would allow the facility to produce 1 million vehicles per year. Impressively enough, Tesla noted that it would be able to achieve a 1 million-per-year run rate despite using the same amount of water. This, according to the company, is possible through the complete treatment and reuse of wastewater that’s generated during the vehicle production process. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin celebrates one year of vehicle production
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