Tesla Giga Berlin has its own “Loop” for its employees — and it’s absolutely cool

Image Credit: Tesla/LinkedIn

There are some things that Tesla does that are so out of left field that sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the company is serious or not. This was definitely the case with a recent marketing video from Giga Berlin, which received quite a bit of attention in social media. 

The video in question was posted on LinkedIn by Tesla through its official account, with the electric vehicle maker noting that “at Giga Berlin, we accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and now also your way to work.” Tesla also included an invitation to interested individuals who wish to work for the company. 

While marketing videos from Tesla in social media are nothing new, the 23-second clip from Gigafactory Berlin was so unique that it almost looked like it was faked — or at least too ridiculous to be true. The short clip showed a Giga Berlin employee donning a Tesla jacket and securing his shoes before getting into a large, elaborate slide.

Several shots from the video were taken from within the slide itself, and one cannot deny that it’s pretty darn cool. From the clip, one could see that the insides of the slide seemed to be painted and lighted, giving it a similar vibe to The Boring Company’s LVCC and Vegas Loop systems. The slide seemed to exit near Giga Berlin’s paint shop, which was decorated with some impressive murals. 

Automakers are no strangers to implementing unique strategies to engage their employees. Volkswagen alone announced last month that it had built an escape room experience at its Wolfsburg headquarters to help retrain its staff for electric vehicles. Volkswagen rolled out three escape rooms in total, each one corresponding to the past, the present, and the future. 

One cannot help but think, however, that Tesla’s gimmicks for Giga Berlin’s paint shop seem a bit more organic than Volkswagen’s escape rooms. It is, if any, an actual functional part of the massive electric vehicle plant. That alone deserves some commendation. Plus, Giga Berlin’s paint shop is expected to be the company’s best, so it makes sense that its employees are treated to something extra. 

Also, considering all the red tape that Tesla went and continues to go through with Giga Berlin, the electric vehicle maker probably had some fun submitting the necessary permits for its paint shop’s elaborate, adult-rated slide.

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Tesla Giga Berlin has its own “Loop” for its employees — and it’s absolutely cool
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