Tesla celebrates Giga Berlin team in 2023 recap video

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing/Facebook

Tesla recently posted a video highlighting some of the milestones achieved by Giga Berlin in 2023. The video was posted by Tesla Manufacturing’s official handle on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. 

The short video prominently featured Giga Berlin’s employees from several departments, some of whom provided insights into the work environment at the electric vehicle factory. As per the Giga Berlin employees, work at the facility is fulfilling, and with enough motivation, one could find themselves reaching impressive heights. 

Other employees also praised the overall energy of Giga Berlin, as well as the quality of the team that works in the facility. Amenities that Tesla built for the factory, such as its dedicated train line, were also praised in the video. Overall, the short clip hinted at the positive, energetic atmosphere in Giga Berlin. It also seemed to suggest that the factory is ready for more. 

Giga Berlin is arguably the facility that has met the most opposition among Tesla’s electric vehicle factories. Since its early days, Giga Berlin has met opposition from local environmental groups. Until today, expansion plans and the company’s regular operations still tend to attract skepticism from groups that are opposed to the electric vehicle maker. 

Despite this, Giga Berlin has executed well, hitting a production rate of about 5,000 Model Y per week in March. The milestone was achieved just one year after the facility delivered its first vehicle to consumers. Giga Berlin is also quite special as it is home to Tesla’s most advanced paint shop. This allows Giga Berlin to offer two unique paint colors for its Model Ys, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. The two colors are arguably the best paint options available in Tesla’s lineup today. 

While Giga Berlin seems to be fighting a constant battle with its critics, the facility seems determined to take care of its employees. Apart from perks like a free train service and fun amenities like a dedicated “Loop” in its paint shop area, Tesla Germany also dressed up Giga Berlin with its very own Christmas market for its employees to “mingle and jingle.” 

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Tesla celebrates Giga Berlin team in 2023 recap video
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