Tesla Giga Berlin gets 17th early approval as facility sprints towards final permit

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Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin in Grünheide has received yet another early approval. Granted by the State Office for the Environment (LfU), the new early approval would allow the company to construct tanks for antifreeze and windscreen washer fluid, among others. 

While the tanks are permitted to be constructed, commissioning of the new facilities is not yet allowed. This was confirmed by the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment on Wednesday, as per a report from Der Tagesspiegel. The construction of gas tanks for the storage of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as sprinkler systems, are also expected to be approved early. 

Tesla’s new early approval is the company’s 17th to date. This would allow Tesla to keep the construction activities in Gigafactory Berlin even as the company waits for the project’s final approval. The factory’s final approval, which would be granted by the state of Brandenburg, is still pending to date. 

Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke, however, has noted that a decision on Tesla’s final approval for Giga Berlin would likely be granted later this year. A recent media report published in Germany also hinted that Tesla would indeed get a final permit for its EV factory. 

Citing sources from the government, the report suggested that Giga Berlin will get its final approval, though the LfU would likely demand strict rules for Tesla, especially when it comes to water consumption and possible on-site incidents. The state environment ministry, for its part, noted that a decision would be made after online discussions on critics’ objections to the facility are completed.  

Gigafactory Berlin was initially expected to start operations around July, but the company has met some delays due to its addition of a battery factory to the project. The facility is expected to be capable of producing 500,000 vehicles per year. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin gets 17th early approval as facility sprints towards final permit
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