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Environmentalist group calls for Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s operating license to be revoked

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The Green League, an environmental group, has asked the Oder-Spree district to revoke Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s operating license. The group pointed to an incident regarding the facility’s paint shop as a reason behind its request. 

Last month, reports emerged that Giga Berlin had faced a potential crisis when about 15,000 liters of a paint mixture leaked out of the facility’s paint shop. The material, which the State Environment Agency classified as “not dangerous,” was fully caught and gathered in a collection tank and later pumped out by an approved waste disposal company. 

As noted in an rbb24 report, about two to three liters of the paint mixture ran into an access road a day after the incident. For some context, the State Environment Agency classified the leaked paint mixture as a class 1 water hazard. Diesel is classified as a class 2 hazard

In its recent complaint, the Green League alleged that there were ambiguities related to the incident. The group noted that the area between the paint shop and the asphalted traffic area was still unpaved. The Green League added that the area was supposed to have been sealed, as per the facility’s application documents for its immersion control permit. 

“In order to avoid greater damage, the district is requested to prohibit the operation of the plant until this defect has been remedied and a condition corresponding to the immission control permit has been established,” the group said, stating that harmful substances could enter the aquifer through the unpaved area. 

The Green League has noted that if the district does not react to its recent call for Giga Berlin’s operational license to be revoked, it would be calling for the Ministry of the Environment to intervene. The State of Brandenburg, however, has noted that it sees no danger to the groundwater due to Giga Berlin, and that incidents involving water-polluting substances would have no impact beyond the premises of the plant if preventative measures had been taken. 

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Environmentalist group calls for Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s operating license to be revoked
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