Tesla Giga Nevada will source copper foil from Redwood Materials this year

Credit: Tesla

Redwood Materials, a battery recycling company founded and led by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel, will begin its production of copper foil his year. Among the recycling company’s first customers is something very familiar to its founder — Gigafactory Nevada, which Tesla operates with Panasonic.

In a post on Twitter, Redwood noted that its recycled copper foil could reduce CO2 emissions by about 83% annually, at least compared to the current battery supply chain based in Asia. Using the company’s recycled copper foil could then make electric vehicle batteries even more environmentally friendly.

“When our copper foil production begins this year, Redwood will reduce CO2 emissions by 83% annually compared to the current Asia-based supply chain. Panasonic at Gigafactory 1 will be among the first of our partners to source this critical anode component!” Redwood wrote on Twitter.

The recent update from the battery recycler echoes the company’s previous announcements about its business with Panasonic in Gigafactory Nevada. As early as January this year, Redwood estimated that by the end of 2022, Panasonic would be using the company’s copper foil — which is produced from recycled materials — in its operations.

Panasonic produces 2170 battery cells in Gigafactory Nevada, which are used in Tesla’s Model 3 sedan and most of its Model Y crossovers. Redwood noted then that Panasonic’s use of recycled copper foil would be the first of its kind, and it paves the way for batteries to be remanufactured and returned to the same factory in a closed loop.

Redwood has stated that it plans to ramp its copper foil production to 100 GWh annually over the next few years. This number would be enough for about 1 million electric vehicles per year. This is but the start for Redwood, however, as the company is also poised to ramp its output over the coming years.

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Tesla Giga Nevada will source copper foil from Redwood Materials this year
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