Tesla opens jobs for Gigafactory 3 as first images of factory interior emerge

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Ahead of the completion of Gigafactory 3’s outer shell in Shanghai, Tesla’s recruitment team in China has announced that it will be holding a special job fair on May 29. Tesla noted that it would be looking for applicants for 25 different job positions, each of which will be working under one of six departments when the site begins its operations.

These departments are the stamping workshop, welding shop, paint shop, assembly, facility operation, and logistics. Numerous jobs are up for grabs in each of these departments, with Tesla’s announcement featuring openings for welding press technicians, equipment repair technicians, production monitors, and squad leaders, to name but a few.  

Quite interestingly, Tesla’s job fair announcement for Gigafactory 3 includes references to Elon Musk’s idea of an “Alien Dreadnought” ship. The alien dreadnought is the CEO’s idea of a hyper-automated factory that is essentially a machine that builds the machine. Musk has mentioned this concept to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing back in January, and it was received with much optimism.

Tesla’s complete list of job listings for its upcoming Gigafactory 3 job fair could be accessed here.

Apart from announcing a job fair, Tesla and its construction partner appear to have made significant progress in the construction of Gigafactory 3’s interior. Over the past weeks, the construction of Gigafactory 3 has hit overdrive as China’s workforce attempted to complete the Phase 1 area’s initial construction by the end of May. As the general assembly building takes form, work has shifted inside the nearly completed factory shell.

The pictures of Gigafactory 3’s interior reveal that some parts of the expansive general assembly building’s floors have already been paved with cement. Pillars on the site also look finished and refined. Overall, the interior of the general assembly building looks the part of a large factory before manufacturing equipment is installed.

It remains to be seen if China’s workforce could meet the targets set by Shanghai officials last March, which estimated that Gigafactory 3’s initial construction could be completed by May. Despite this ambitious timeframe, the incredible pace of Gigafactory 3’s construction, which allowed the facility to grow from a single pillar in the middle of March to a full-blown factory shell by May, is something that could very well make it to books. At its current pace, and barring unexpected delays, Gigafactory 3 could see initial electric car production as early as September.

Watch the most recent drone flyover of Gigafactory 3 in the video below.

Tesla opens jobs for Gigafactory 3 as first images of factory interior emerge
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