Tesla documentary from Germany reveals the story and drama behind Giga Berlin’s creation

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It appears that Gigafactory Berlin is attracting some considerable attention in Germany, with the upcoming electric car factory recently being the subject of a documentary. The film, which was posted by German media group Frontal21, explored the events and the drama surrounding the construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin. 

The documentary featured interviews with a number of officials who were pivotal in Elon Musk’s decision to build an electric car factory in Grünheide, including Brandenburg’s Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach and Environment Minister Axel Vogel. The news crew also interviewed the head of the Strausberg-Erkner water association, André Bähler, as well as some residents in the area who were against the construction of Giga Berlin. 

Frontal21 dedicated a good amount of the documentary’s runtime to concerns regarding Giga Berlin’s water usage and tree-clearing activities. Interestingly enough, the news agency did not mention Tesla’s reforestation initiative at all, or the fact that Elon Musk has noted that Tesla would make sure Giga Berlin operates in a matter that is as environmentally-conscious as possible. 

Musk related this in an interview during his visit to Germany last year, when he was asked about the water supply concerns of Giga Berlin’s protesters. Interestingly enough, the documentary only included part of Musk’s responses, not his full explanation, which could be found below. 

“The factory just is not a very intense consumer of water per square meter. That’s, you know, over the course of the year, per square meter, it’s not a very intense usage of water, and we’ll recycle as much as humanly possible. I’m pretty confident that it’ll be the most environmentally friendly factory in the world. 

“And that’s what they are about. And so anything we can do to make it better for the environment, we want to do that, because that’s the mission of the company. So if anyone has any advice, we’re very open to criticism and advice for what we can do better. So let us know,” Musk said. 

Frontal21‘s Gigafactory Berlin documentary could be viewed below. 

The film’s English version could be accessed here

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Tesla documentary from Germany reveals the story and drama behind Giga Berlin’s creation
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