Tesla China holding online hiring event for “smart manufacturing” jobs

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On Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 7 p.m. Shanghai time (1100 GMT), Tesla China started an online hiring event to fill a dozen new job postings in the country. According to Tesla China, the company is recruiting staff to fill “smart manufacturing” roles. 

Tesla China’s WeChat states that the company currently has 224 job posts for managers and engineers under the smart manufacturing category. As per Reuters, at least 24 of the 224 job posts are new and were just posted on June 9. 

The job openings include managerial and engineering positions to supervise Giga Shanghai’s 6,000-ton Giga Press for Model Y production. The 6k-ton Giga Press produces the Model Y’s front and back underbody castings–an essential part to decreasing Tesla’s production costs. Tesla has an even bigger die casting machine for the Cybertruck, a 9,000-ton Giga Press.

Tesla Giga Shanghai has been operating under a closed-loop system as the Chinese city recovers from recent COVID-19 breakouts. The factory has been operating with a minimal workforce and a single shift since April 19. 

Tesla China expects to exit the closed-loop system by June 11. Giga Shanghai has already slowly started to ramp up a second shift of workers to prepare for normal operations. 

Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub, producing the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla China ships vehicles to countries in Europe and parts of Asia, including Great Britain, Japan, and Singapore.

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Tesla China holding online hiring event for “smart manufacturing” jobs
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