Tesla at the forefront as Nuevo León’s Gov. joins presidential race

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Tesla is at the forefront of Nuevo León’s Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda as he carries out his “electromobility” presidential campaign for next year’s election. 

Governor García Sepúlveda, 35, threw his hat into the ring for next year’s presidential race last week. He submitted his candidacy for the center-leftist Citizens’ Movement (MC) ahead of the general elections scheduled on June 2 next year. 

Nuevo León’s Governor started his “electromobility” pre-campaign for the elections by traveling to nearby cities in a Tesla. His message is clear: renewable energy is central to his platform. 

So far, the Governor has shared clips or snippets of his trip in a Tesla with his wife and brother. The young politician has been spotted at Superchargers to charge the Tesla, enjoying his time with family while on the trip.

“We are charging the Tesla here in Coahuila. We see that there are five superchargers. There are already 10 minutes left for the Tesla to charge,” the Governor’s wife, Mariana Rodríguez Cantú.

“Taking advantage of the fact that this will be a global electromobility hub, we will play Tesla. Hopefully, you will lend it to me for the entire pre-campaign and take advantage of the few places there are to charge,” added the presidential candidate.

“We also want to carry out a renewable energy campaign for the future, taking advantage of the fact that Nuevo León becomes the electromobility hub and start making electromobility fashionable.

García Sepúlveda has visited a few nearby cities, including the municipality of Mina. During his travels, García Sepúlveda also stopped by El Mesquite Park, a wind energy project that aims to increase the energy generated from renewable sources.

Governor García Sepúlveda played a significant role in bringing Tesla’s next Gigafactory in Mexico. After Tesla announced Giga Mexico, García Sepúlveda has stayed active to ensure the factory’s construction and operations start smoothly. 

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Tesla at the forefront as Nuevo León’s Gov. joins presidential race
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