Tesla Sweden feels more pressure as IF Metall pulls out trump card

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The end of the Tesla Sweden strike might be in sight as IF Metall pulls out a trump card that could ultimately halt the automaker’s operations. Tesla Sweden might have been backed into a corner as IF Metall has successfully blocked the company from receiving new license plates for vehicle orders. Tesla has so far found ways to continue operations despite IF Metall’s efforts. 

Tesla staff has been able to prepare deliveries of new vehicles unloaded by trucks. The company still needs to receive the license plates for new Tesla vehicles. PostNord usually delivers license plates for new Tesla vehicles, but it stopped all deliveries and collections from the automaker after Seko joined IF Metall’s strike. 

The Swedish Transport Agency refuses to change postal providers, putting Tesla in a tough spot. 

“The authority Kammarkollegiet has procured a framework agreement for letter and parcel services that all authorities must use. And according to that agreement, we must use Postnord,” explains Anna Berggrund, Director of the Department of Vehicle Information at the Swedish Transport Agency.

Tesla Sweden vs. IF Metall Recap

So far, Tesla has been able to continue operations in Sweden despite IF Metal’s supporters making continued work challenging for the automaker. The Union has gained support from several trade unions who have joined the strike. 

The electricians’ union refused to repair and service Tesla’s charging stations nationwide. The Painters’ Association refuses to paint Tesla vehicles. The Real Estate Employees Union (Fastighets) joined IF Metall’s strike, stating it would stop cleaning Tesla premises in Sweden.

One of the biggest blows to Tesla came from the LO transport union. LO announced it would block new Tesla vehicles from being unloaded in Sweden. Seko dealt another significant blow to Tesla when it announced PostNord and CityMail would stop deliveries and collection of shipments to Tesla’s offices and workshops. 

LO and Seko’s support of IF Metall has affected Tesla’s operations in Sweden. Tesla customers in Sweden have had issues at service centers since Seko blocked deliveries and collections. 

Tesla’s Response to the Swedish Transport Agency

Tesla Sweden told local media that PostNord’s blockade does not immediately impact its deliveries. However, it may affect Tesla in the long run. 

“The fact that the Swedish Transport Agency, the state authority responsible for the delivery of all license plates in Sweden, and Postnord, a state-owned company, contribute in this way to the disproportionate action of Swedish unions is remarkable. It is Tesla’s legal right not to enter into a collective agreement, and the Swedish Transport Agency has a legal duty to deliver license plates,” Tesla wrote to DI.

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Tesla Sweden feels more pressure as IF Metall pulls out trump card
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