Tesla has delivered over 6 million vehicles globally

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With Tesla’s impressive second quarter 2024 results, the electric car maker has achieved a very impressive milestone. Since 2012, Tesla has successfully delivered over 6 million vehicles worldwide, an amazing accomplishment for such a young automaker. 

Industry watchers note that after Tesla’s 443,956 vehicles delivered in Q2 2024, the company’s total deliveries since the Model S started production in 2012 has reached a total of 6,227,920 units. What’s quite interesting is that the lion’s share of these vehicles is taken by only two model — the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y crossover. 

Both the Model 3 and Model Y are equipped with enough hardware to support Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) rollout. This suggests that the majority of the electric vehicle maker’s fleet today could be used as part of Tesla’s planned Robotaxi network, provided that the company succeeds in the development of its autonomous driving system. 

Elon Musk has maintained that Tesla exists to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainability. One of the ways that Tesla does this is to produce and sell compelling electric vehicles that match or exceed their fossil fuel-burning counterparts. Tesla has so far been successful in this, as evidenced by the Model Y actually becoming the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2023.

What is quite exciting is the fact that Tesla is still just getting started. With the company’s next-generation platform and unboxed manufacturing process, vehicle production is expected to reach volumes that far exceed that of the Model 3 and Model Y today. Tesla’s next-gen platform is also expected to bring the costs of electric cars down further, allowing the company to compete in markets that are currently only populated by the world’s largest automakers. 

As Tesla rolls out its unboxed process and next-gen platform, the company’s global fleet of vehicles will likely see an even more rapid rise. At such a point, the idea of Tesla becoming the world’s most valuable company will be more than feasible. 

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Tesla has delivered over 6 million vehicles globally
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