Tesla Robotaxi patent teases automatic sanitation system

A Tesla Robotaxi patent teased the company’s efforts to develop an automatic sanitation system. The international filing date for the Tesla Robotaxi patent is February 21, 2023.

Throughout the Tesla patent are clues that suggest the automatic sanitation system is for the company’s upcoming Robotaxi fleet, which will comprise Tesla Cybercabs.

Figure 5 in the patent depicts a vehicle with a similar outline to the Tesla Cybercab teased in some of the company’s past content. The patent’s abstract also suggests that the automatic sanitation system will be for vehicles “shared among multiple persons.” 

The Tesla Robotaxi patent states that sensors will be used to detect the temperature, humidity, and presence of pathogens within a vehicle. 

“The sanitation system then obtains and generates a sanitation routine based at least in part on the sensor data. Based on the sanitation routine, the sanitation system causes a component associated with the enclosed space to adjust the current environmental condition toward a target environmental condition, where the sanitation routine specifies the component and the target environmental condition,” states the Tesla patent’s abstract. 

Patent researcher SETI Park listed the benefits of Tesla’s potential automatic sanitation system, concluding that it will play a significant role in Tesla’s Robotaxi ride-hailing service.

“In conclusion, this patent is likely to be a key technology for Tesla’s robotaxi service. Furthermore, this technology will not only benefit vehicle sharing but also provide convenience to vehicle owners and operators, thereby enhancing the value of Tesla vehicles and improving the user experience,” said SETI Park on X. 

Tesla plans to unveil its Robotaxi fleet vehicle, the Cybercab, on August 8, 2024. The Cybercab’s design will be inspired by the Cybertruck. Originally, Elon Musk stated that Tesla’s $25,000 vehicle, the Model 2 or Model Q, would be used in its Robotaxi fleet. 

The Cybercab is expected to be a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel, unlike the highly anticipated Model 2, which is expected to have one. In May, Tesla released a video on X that provided a glimpse of the Cybercab’s design without a steering wheel.  

Read the full patent below.

Tesla Robotaxi Patent Tease… by Maria Merano

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Tesla Robotaxi patent teases automatic sanitation system
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