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BYD allegedly closing the gap with Tesla with Q2 EV sales

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) automaker is allegedly closing the gap with Tesla after Q2 2024. 

BYD’s electric vehicle (EV) sales increased 21% in the second quarter. The Chinese EV automaker sold around 426,039 electric vehicles between April and June. Based on Reuters’ estimates, BYD sold 12,000 fewer EVs than Tesla. 

According to 12 analysts polled by LSEG, Tesla is expected to deliver 438,019 vehicles in the second quarter. Analysts expected Tesla deliveries to drop by 6% between April and June.

BYD stated that it has no plans to enter the US EV market but is making new energy vehicles in Mexico. Earlier this year, the Chinese automaker officially launched the BYD Shark hybrid electric pickup truck in Mexico. The BYD Shark’s starting price is $53,400. 

BYD wants to increase EV sales in Europe, aiming to beat Tesla, Volkswagen, and other legacy automakers in the EU market. The BYD Seagull, with a starting price as low as $10,000 in China, is poised to make big waves in the EU market.

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BYD allegedly closing the gap with Tesla with Q2 EV sales
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