Tesla haters are still keying cars with no idea they are being recorded

Credit: ABC7

Tesla haters are still keying cars with no idea they are being recorded, as the latest instance occurred this past weekend in California.

For years, Teslas have captured acts of vandalism, burglary attempts, and other instances of criminal activity without ever setting off any alarm bells in the perpetrator’s heads that they are being captured on camera.

Thanks to the eight very obviously existent cameras located on the exterior of Tesla vehicles, giving 360-degree coverage of everything going on around the car, a man who obviously has either a disdain for EVs, Tesla specifically, or the driver of this particular Tesla, was captured keying the side of the all-electric vehicle in Winchell Cove in Central California this past weekend.

Credit: ABC7

It turns out this genius really didn’t know he was being recorded by the car he was vandalizing. He came back for another swipe at the car just a few moments later after scouting the area for potential witnesses.

Little does he know the witness he didn’t account for was the car he was keying.

Tesla uses a feature called Sentry Mode to detect potential threats around its immediate vicinity but never alerts those around it that it is recording. This could seem counterintuitive because if it did sound an alarm, it could remove the threat altogether. However, it is also good to be silent because, when these instances of vandalism take place, it gives police or detectives a clear image of who committed the crime.

Tesla Sentry Mode gets refined to better detect vehicle break-ins

In this case, the perpetrator was caught obviously keying the vehicle on two separate occasions, and if he is caught, he will likely face a few citations and fines.

As for the driver of the Tesla, they will be taking their car to a local body shop on Thursday to get checked out.

If you happen to know the potential identity of the vandal seen in the video, you can email the vehicle owner at

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Remember, if you have any information about this, you can email the vehicle owner at

Tesla haters are still keying cars with no idea they are being recorded
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