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Tesla Sentry Mode gets refined to better detect vehicle break-ins

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Tesla Sentry Mode received two major refinements in a recent Software Update, one of which will help better detect vehicle break-ins by limiting camera-based detection.

Sentry Mode utilizes Tesla’s eight external vehicle cameras to record events where bystanders come close to the vehicle. It has been a success, foiling the break-in and robbery attempts of many criminals, catching crystal-clear images of a perpetrator’s face. However, the feature has its flaws.

Camera and movement-based detection can set off persistent alarms and notifications that someone is close to your Tesla. In instances of high foot traffic areas, like major shopping outlets or metropolitan street parking, owners can receive notifications about their car being potentially threatened nearly every time someone walks by it.

Tesla Sentry Mode Notifications: Camera-based Detection

According to Not a Tesla App, which first reported the new features, Tesla is adding the option to turn off Camera-based detection with Software Update 2022.44.2 in an attempt to limit recordings and notifications. Instead, turning this feature off will only alert owners when their vehicle is being broken into. The report indicates Sentry Mode alerts will be activated in the event of a window break, and car door opening, or a tilt sensor being triggered (in markets that this is available).

The limitation of clips will alarm owners when a legitimate threat is present, but could leave some potential vandalism events unrecorded if the car is not forcibly entered. Tesla describes “Camera-based Detection:”

“Camera-Based Detection, which allows users to disable use of cameras to detect threats.

Tesla Sentry Mode Clip Length

Tesla will also allow owners to control the length of the clips that Sentry Mode records. When Sentry Mode is activated, it can record for several minutes to assure the entire event is captured on camera.

Tesla is now allowing owners to control this length by entering Sentry Mode settings, and can be adjusted in minutes. Tesla writes:

“Sentry Mode Clip Length, which allows users to specify the length of the clip when a potential threat is detected.”

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Tesla Sentry Mode gets refined to better detect vehicle break-ins
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