Tesla Diner and Drive-in closes in on construction, receives wave of permit updates

Credit: @HowardModels, Twitter

The Tesla Diner, which will be built in Hollywood, California, has received numerous permit updates this week, pushing it closer than ever to construction.

One of the most underrated Tesla projects currently in development has to be its planned Drive-in Movie Theater Diner in Hollywood. Previously set to be built near Santa Monica, Tesla moved the project last year.

With two massive movie screens, 32 Superchargers, and a restaurant all mashed together, it is at least one of the most intriguing projects the automaker is working on. Now, the planned restaurant has received a wave of updates from the City of Los Angeles, moving the building forward in the permitting process and closer to construction.

Tesla has received six permit updates this week alone and an additional four in the year’s first quarter. The most recent updates are as follows:

  • Tesla is addressing a new set of corrections for its restaurant design, two planned movie screens, trash enclosure, and new plumbing system, each being individual permits; updates were issued on April 3rd.
  • Tesla applied for a new permit to place 8 Supercharger cabinets, 32 Supercharger Posts, one utility transformer, and two switchboards, with the City receiving the application on April 5th.
  • Tesla has also applied for a new permit “to include equipment anchorage” on the 32 Supercharger posts, with the City receiving the application on April 5th.

Besides these most recent updates, Tesla has received four permitting updates in the first quarter of the year, including:

  • Tesla was issued its permit to demolish the pre-existing building on the diner’s property. The permit was published on February sixteenth, though the automaker has yet to start demolition.
  • The City gave Tesla new corrections for the diner’s HVAC system. This update was issued on March 9th.
  • The overall site electrical plan, including the restaurant, chargers, and movie screens, totaling 24,544 square feet, is being verified by the City. The application was delivered on March 9th.
  • Tesla was issued a new sewer cap permit on March 16th.

Thus far, the Tesla Diner’s final design has yet to be revealed, and until the City of Los Angeles confirms its design, it is unlikely that Tesla will be able to show off its upcoming project. However, some initial plans for the diner were leaked early last year, giving a great look and what can be expected at Tesla’s first food-serving establishment.

More recently, numerous renders have been made by countless Tesla fans based on the potential design, with the most recognizable coming from Twitter user @HowardModels.

Suppose all things go smoothly with Tesla’s current permitting process. In that case, it may be possible for the automaker to begin construction of the upcoming facility as soon as this year. Still, neither the City of Los Angeles, Tesla, nor Tesla’s architectural contractor was able to supply Teslarati with a more detailed timeline at this time.

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Tesla Diner and Drive-in closes in on construction, receives wave of permit updates
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