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Tesla Giga Berlin’s in-house Engineering, Procurement and Construction team take center stage in new video

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has posted a new recruitment video showcasing the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) team at Gigafactory Berlin. The video gives a glimpse of some of the exciting tasks that the team is involved in as Giga Berlin continues to be built out.

As noted by the EV maker, every decision on projects at Giga Berlin is based on information coming from Building Information Modeling (BIM) models. These models are explored in various platforms, with some employees showcased in the video using what appear to be Oculus virtual reality headsets. Tesla noted that using BIM models enables the EPC teams to get things right before materials arrive on site.

Employees at Giga Berlin also highlighted that when new products are being developed, it is best to have an in-house construction team that can work together with manufacturing and production, as well as other teams within the company. Such a system would indeed work well at Tesla considering the company’s tendency to roll out frequent improvements and optimizations to its facilities.

The video also hinted at how Tesla focuses on every little detail of its operations to make its facilities as efficient as possible. This was hinted at in a section of the video that showed a Tesla employee working on the traffic system of trucks that dock and move around the Giga Berlin complex. The video ended, similar to other clips featuring Gigafactory Berlin, with an invitation to apply to the company.

Gigafactory Berlin already mass-produces the Model Y crossover, which became the world’s best-selling vehicle in the first quarter of 2023. But Tesla still has ambitious plans for the facility, as the company is also looking to produce battery cells in the Giga Berlin complex. Once Tesla is able to master battery production on the site, the production costs of the Model Y would likely become even more optimized.

The video of Tesla Giga Berlin’s Engineering, Procurement, and Construction team can be viewed below. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin’s in-house Engineering, Procurement and Construction team take center stage in new video
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