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Tesla’s demand-triggering Model 3 LR gets official EPA range rating

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s reintroduced Model 3 Long Range has finally landed an official range rating from the EPA just a few weeks after the automaker started re-offering the vehicle to U.S. customers after an eight-month hiatus.

The Model 3 Long Range was dimmed out on the U.S. Design Studio in August 2022 after CEO Elon Musk stated the waitlist for the vehicle was simply too long.

It is the most ideal configuration of the mass-market sedan for many customers because it offers the most extended range rating of the three options and is fitted with an All-Wheel-Drive powertrain.

On May 2, Tesla officially relaunched the Model 3 Long Range to the U.S. market, and the automaker listed its official range as “325+ miles.” It also listed a top speed of 145 MPH and a 0-60 MPH acceleration rate of 4.2 seconds.

Now the EPA has listed the Model 3 Long Range’s official range rating of 333 miles.

tesla model 3 long range

Credit: Tesla

The previous 325+ miles that Tesla had listed was followed by “estimated.” The new range rating of 333 miles says “EPA estimated.”

The Long Range Model 3 was evidently in high demand, as Musk said, and Tesla was having trouble keeping up with the order sheet. After relaunching the configuration earlier this month, it is possible that the automaker has caught itself up enough to justify a restart in orders.

The Model 3 Long Range has two sibling configurations that offer their own advantages. The Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive is Tesla’s most affordable car and qualifies for half of the $7,500 tax credit, just as the Model 3 Long Range does.

While it only offers a RWD powertrain, it still has 272 miles of range, which is enough for some drivers. Additionally, the RWD configuration is ideal for people who live in climates where AWD is not necessary.

The Model 3 Performance is slightly more expensive than the Long Range at $53,240 before the $7,500 tax credit, which it fully qualifies for, and also offers a 162 MPH top speed and 3.1 seconds from 0-60 MPH. It also comes fitted with Performance brakes, a spoiler, aluminum alloy pedals, and Überturbine Wheels.

However, while it still has the AWD powertrain, it offers roughly 18 miles less range than the LR Model 3.

It’s not a big difference, but some prefer to have the additional cushion when driving.

The Model 3 Long Range starts at $47,240 and qualifies for $3,750 of the tax credit. Delivery is expected to occur in June, if you order now.

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Tesla’s demand-triggering Model 3 LR gets official EPA range rating
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