New Tesla feature auto-activates hazards when airbag is deployed

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has begun rolling out a new software update for its cars, and like usual, it includes some new features and general improvements. One such feature is a new automatic hazard light function, expected to help increase visibility in case of an accident.

On Tuesday, Tesla posted a video showing the new hazard lights feature on its North America X account. The new feature comes as the automaker rolls out software update 2023.32.7 to its vehicles, including this and other improvements.

With the update, Tesla says the hazard lights will automatically turn on if an airbag is deployed, and they’ll flash more quickly than when they’re manually activated. The company says that it added this feature to improve visibility, and it adds that the update is rolling out to U.S. Model 3 and Y units, as well as 2020 and newer versions of the Model S and X.

The automatic hazard lights upon airbag deployment should help warn surrounding drivers when there’s been an accident, especially with the increased rate at which they flash. Below you can also see the normal speed at which the lights will flash when the hazard lights button is manually pressed, as demonstrated in a Model 3.

The automaker regularly deploys software updates featuring improvements and added features such as the automatic hazard lights. Many of the features Tesla rolls out are safety-related, like this one, while some are more geared toward improving driver experience or overall vehicle performance.

Tesla software update 2023.26 began rolling out over the summer, including new features such as the ability to automatically lower your HVAC system’s fan speed while on a phone call. It also included a new automatic navigation feature with extra details like estimated time of arrival, battery upon arrival and photos of the destination.

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New Tesla feature auto-activates hazards when airbag is deployed
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