Tesla Cybertruck tests off-road skills at Hollister Hills SVRA

(Credit: Dima Zeniuk)

Tesla recently tested the Cybertruck’s off-road capabilities at Hollister Hills State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) in the Gabilan Mountains. 

In the latest videos of the Cybertruck at Hollister Hills, one of the all-electric pickup trucks is climbing a dirt road. Meanwhile, the other is making rounds around the rest of the rough road course. 

The video was initially uploaded by Dima Zenuik. Some comments on Zenuik’s posts noticed the pace the Cybertruck took the uphill climb, stating that Tesla’s pickup truck seemed to be struggling. A clip shared by The Kilowatts of an R1T climbing a dirt road shows that Rivian’s all-electric pickup truck also seemed to struggle climbing but managed to do it nonetheless. The Rivian R1T’s performance shows how challenging climbing up a dirt road can be for any pickup truck. 

Jeep owner David Tapley first saw The Tesla Cybertruck at Hollister Hills last month. He also observed that the Cybertruck had difficulty climbing some obstacles. Tapley stated that the Cybertruck might have had difficulty climbing at the time because its all-terrain tires were not aired down. 

Tapley also had the chance to chat with the Tesla team testing the two Cybertrucks at Hollister Hills. The Tesla team had mentioned that Cybertruck deliveries might begin in late October. However, at the latest earnings call, Tesla officially announced that Cybertruck deliveries would start in November

Check out another video of the Tesla Cybertruck at Hollister Hills below!

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Tesla Cybertruck tests off-road skills at Hollister Hills SVRA
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