Tesla Megapack batteries in Victoria return with a flourish with new output record

(Credit: Neon Australia)

The Victoria Big Battery (VBB), which utilizes Tesla Megapacks, recently set a new output record during one of its test runs. The 300 MW/450 MWh battery project resumed testing just last month, after a fire in July. 

The Victorian Big Battery set a new capacity record in Australia during a “hold point 2” test, charging at 150 MW before discharging at 125 MW. According to Renew Economy, The VBB beat the 150 MW/194 MWh Hornsdale Power Reserve’s record of +150 MW/-120 MW. Neoen owns both the Victorian Big Battery and the Hornsdale Power Reserve, which is now the second biggest battery in Australia. 

(Credit: Global-Roam)

The VBB will most likely break its latest output record in the coming weeks to months as it continues testing. Thus far, it seems the battery is on track to start operation by the beginning of summer 2022. 

The Victorian Big Battery resumed testing in September after a Tesla Megapack caught fire in July. The incident was investigated by several authorities, along with Tesla and Neoen. In its investigation, Energy Safe Victoria concluded that the fire started with a leak in a Tesla Megapack cooling system which caused a short circuit, resulting in overheating. 

The Megapack that started the fire was in service mode at the time after operating for 13 hours in the commissioning process. Because it was offline, the cooling system leak went undetected. Tesla has since improved its Megapacks through a combination of firmware enhancements and monitoring/process improvements. SCADA testing of Tesla’s Megapacks has been reduced from 24 hours to one hour.

The Victoria Big Battery is just one renewable energy project Tesla has joined around the world. Tesla Energy is committed to creating a sustainable energy future. Elon Musk talked briefly about such a future at the recent 2021 Annual Stockholders Meeting. 

“So the fundamental pillars of a sustainable energy future are basically solar, and wind—those are the primary—stationary batteries and electric transport,” Musk said. “If you have those three, then you have a sustainable energy future as long as the sun is shining. 

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Tesla Megapack batteries in Victoria return with a flourish with new output record
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