Tesla could be looking to open its first service center in Michigan

While the saga of Tesla and Michigan’s long and arduous legal battle is still ongoing, the electric carmaker is refusing to slow down its efforts to provide its services to Model S, Model X, and Model 3 owners in the state. Just recently, a floor plan of what appears to be the first Tesla Service Center in MI has been filed.

From what could be determined in the leaked blueprints, the Farmington Hills location at 37567 Interchange Dr. could be a full service center to support the California-based electric carmaker’s local customers.

Floor plan for a Tesla facility in Farmington Hills, MI [Source: TwinTurbskiZ via Reddit]

While Tesla has not issued any official announcement about the upcoming center that’s located just miles northwest of Detroit, all signs that have emerged as of writing suggest that the facility would be dedicated to servicing cars. A job listing for a Service Assistant was recently posted on Tesla’s careers page, with job responsibilities that include washing and detailing of cars; delivering of vehicles between production, service and sales operations; and parts operations. In addition, Tesla’s listing for Service Centers in the U.S. reveals that a Detroit location will be “coming soon”.

As could be seen in Google Maps of the area, the building in question definitely has the characteristics of a Tesla service center.

Tesla and Michigan have been butting heads for years, after the state blocked Tesla from directly selling its vehicles to customers in the region. Potential buyers of the company’s fleet of electric cars are unable to purchase within the state due to legacy franchise laws that require Tesla to sell vehicles through independently owned dealerships.

This has not stopped the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker from gaining support in Michigan, however, with enthusiasts in the region simply purchasing their vehicles out of state and driving them back across borders. Tesla also opened a gallery inside a Nordstrom department store to showcase its cars, followed by a full-scale store in Troy, located next door to an Apple store.

The number of Model S, Model X and now, Model 3 vehicles in Michigan continue to increase. A Teslarati reader sent us the following photo of a gorgeous Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3 that was spotted in Royal Oak on the parking lot of an LA Fitness.

Overall, it seems that regardless of ongoing legal battles in Michigan, Tesla will be providing services to its customers in the region and continue to push forward on selling within the state.

Tesla could be looking to open its first service center in Michigan
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