Your Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot, 75 kWh battery and glass roof will cost $50k, likely

Silver Tesla Model 3 at the Fremont Factory test track [Credit: Tesla Owners Club BE]

A new analysis of Model 3 reservation holder data reveals that most buyers will opt for a configuration consisting of Autopilot, Tesla’s largest battery presumed to be a 75 kWh pack, and the all glass roof. Nearly 70% of total buyers want Tesla’s Autopilot suite. In specific, 35% of Model 3 buyers will choose Tesla’s driving-assist Enhanced Autopilot feature, while another 33% want a fully autonomous Model 3 that’s equipped with Tesla’s Full Self Driving capability. The data comes from a survey analyzing responses from nearly 10,000 Model 3 reservation holders collected through

Tesla Model S owner and Data Scientist Ben Sullins of the popular Teslanomics YouTube channel compiled the reservation data into charts, in order to tell the story of why Model 3 will cost roughly $50,000. Together with Model 3 Owners Club founder Trevor Page, the duo analyzed the data submitted by over 10,000 Model 3 reservation holders and concluded that Tesla drivers just want their Autopilot.

The data also revealed that a large segment of prospective buyers are looking to purchase a base Model 3 without bells and whistles. Though Tesla’s mass market electric sedan will start at an “affordable” $35,000, especially by comparison to the Model S and Model X that costs two or three times more, many Model 3 buyers are stretching budgets to afford the highly anticipated electric sedan. The prospect of owning a Tesla is enough reason for many to stretch their budgets.

The following interactive chart provides a great breakdown of assumed Model 3 options and the number of reservation holders that would be interested in purchasing those options.

Teslanomics believes that the average purchase price of a Model 3 will be around $50,000, which represents a nearly 20% increase in average spending over the $42,000 that Elon Musk had originally predicted. Production of Model 3 is expected to take place next month, followed by the official launch event also planned for July.

Check out Ben Sullins’ deep dive analysis of Model 3 reservation data courtesy of

Your Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot, 75 kWh battery and glass roof will cost $50k, likely
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