Tesla Model 3 dubbed by premier car hire firm as the EV “everybody wanted to drive”

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The Tesla Model 3 has been described by European car hire company Virtuo as a vehicle that everyone wants to drive. Thanks to the pervading demand for the all-electric sedan from its user base, the car hire firm decided to add several dozens of Tesla Model 3s to its fleet. 

Virtuo allows people to hire and unlock premium cars through a mobile app. The company currently has about 150,000 active customers and 4,000 vehicles in its fleet. The vehicles are available across France, the UK, Spain, and Italy. 

In a statement to CNBC, Karim Kaddoura, co-founder and CEO of Virtuo, remarked that there is currently an “awe” associated with the Tesla brand among the company’s users. He also highlighted that the service’s customers have a say in what cars are added to the company’s fleet. The Model 3s being added to the fleet are thus a response to consumer demand. 

“It’s been very clear over the years, and in the last survey that we did, that Tesla Model 3 specifically was the model that everybody wanted to drive,” he said. 

Virtuo aims to add about 50 Tesla Model 3 Long Range vehicles to its London and Paris fleets. The vehicles will be available to customers for booking from June 22, 2021. Specific pricing for the vehicles would depend on the length of hire, but the company noted that Model 3 rental prices should start at around £69 ($96) per day. 

The Virtuo CEO admitted that the company has been pondering the addition of Teslas to its fleet for years. However, the car hire service first wanted to make sure that it understood the operational challenges of owning an EV before it committed to Teslas fully. As part of its initiative to immerse itself in electric cars, Virtuo added several Hyundai Kona Electric units to its fleet in the first quarter. 

“We didn’t want to get Tesla into the catalog without having at least a bit of experience on that,” Kaddoura said. Considering that Virtuo is now adding about 50 Teslas to its fleet, it appears that it has learned what it could from its Kona Electric units. 

Ultimately, Kaddoura is optimistic about the potential of the Tesla Model 3s. Part of this is due to the Model 3s offering a noticeably different experience compared to other cars. “It’s a different experience. It’s undeniably packed with the latest features and innovations that are nothing like any other car,” he said. 

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Tesla Model 3 dubbed by premier car hire firm as the EV “everybody wanted to drive”
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