Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted on German Autobahn ahead of launch

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A Tesla Model 3 “Highland,” which is rumored to be the updated version of the automaker’s mass-market sedan, was spotted on the German Autobahn ahead of its imminent launch.

The Model 3 “Highland” is Tesla’s most recent iteration of its best-selling sedan that was launched in 2017. Although the Model 3 has received several cosmetic updates over the past few years, it has not had a massive overhaul, which is what is expected with “Highland.”

After launching during the Summer of 2022, Tesla started developing a new look for the vehicle, including a new front end, light fixtures, and according to the initial reports from Reuters last year, an overhauled infotainment system.

However, the Highland Model 3 has been spotted on roads in China and the United States, as both the Shanghai and Fremont factories operated by Tesla have been rumored to produce the newly-designed Model 3.

Now, it has been spotted on the German Autobahn

Most recently, the Model 3 Highland was spotted high-temperature testing in China as the vehicles are preparing for what appears to be an imminent launch.

Other reports have suggested the car could be in showrooms in China by the end of this month, with mass production slated to begin as soon as late September.

With the Model 3 already being one of Tesla’s best-sellers, there is an indication that the new design could help reignite sales of the all-electric sedan as it is now the company’s second-best-selling vehicle behind the Model Y.

While pricing has yet to be announced by Tesla, a new, more affordable version of the sedan could help reignite the popularity of the vehicle as cheaper EVs flood the market in various regions.

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Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted on German Autobahn ahead of launch
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