Tesla Supercharging is free in Europe to celebrate 10 year anniversary

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has made Supercharging free in Europe for one day to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its first Superchargers opening in Norway.

The company is not discriminating, either, and it is free to all electric vehicles, not just Teslas.

Tesla added in a subsequent posting on X:

“Btw, Supercharging in Europe is free to all today! This includes locations open to all EVs (70% of our network!)”

Tesla operates over 13,000 Supercharger stalls globally as of today and has made efforts to expand its network as a result of various partnerships with OEMs that have been signed over the past few months.

Starting next Spring, companies will adopt the NACS connector that Tesla has used on its vehicles. The partnerships with these companies will not only make Tesla’s connector a standard but will also make charging more available to EV drivers who are not currently Tesla owners.

While that development has only been active for a few months, it is not the first instance of Tesla using its Supercharging prowess to help other automakers.

Tesla enabled companies in Europe to use its charging network thanks to a Pilot Program that launched in 2021.

Non-Tesla Supercharging pilot program formally begins in the Netherlands

“Our ambition has always been to open the Supercharger network to Non-Tesla electric cars in order to encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric driving. This fits in seamlessly with our mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy,” the automaker said about its Pilot Program in November 2021.

The Program enabled Tesla to gain valuable knowledge about charging non-Tesla EVs and making the ownership experience more manageable, as many new drivers were still navigating the relatively small charging network that their companies offered them.

Tesla’s expansive charging network has provided peace of mind for many EV drivers, and for today, free charging makes things even easier.

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Tesla Supercharging is free in Europe to celebrate 10 year anniversary
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