Massive Tesla Model 3 and Model Y fleet spotted in Giga Shanghai, seemingly ready for deliveries

Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

A massive fleet of over 2,300 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y has been sighted in the Gigafactory Shanghai complex, with the EV plant’s expansive holding lot filled by rows upon rows of the best-selling all-electric sedan and crossover. Such an image hints that Tesla is not resting on its laurels in the second quarter, and that Giga Shanghai is still going full throttle in its production ramp. 

The recent image of the factory was shared online by longtime drone operator Wu Wa, who has been chronicling the progress of Tesla’s China facilities even before Giga Shanghai held its groundbreaking ceremony. In a post on Twitter, the EV enthusiast remarked that his drone flight was halted by security staff from the facility, which has been bolstered recently due to the anti-Tesla protests at the Shanghai Auto Show. 

While no footage of Giga Shanghai was shared this time around, the aerial image of the site’s holding lot bodes well for Tesla’s numbers this second quarter. What is even more remarkable is the fact that the massive fleet of Model 3 and Model Y likely corresponds to only a few days’ worth of production. This suggests that more often than not, the Shanghai-based EV factory is likely filled with cars that are either ready for local deliveries or export to other countries. 

Gigafactory Shanghai is now taking on more responsibilities for Tesla. Apart from supplying cars for the domestic Chinese market, the facility is also being used to supply vehicles for other foreign territories like Europe and Australia. This setup allows Tesla to optimize its operations while giving the Fremont Factory in the United States some breathing room. 

While the potential of Giga Shanghai has long been underestimated by Tesla skeptics, the facility is yet to tap into its full potential. The Made-in-China Model Y line is still being improved, which suggests that there is a good chance that the facility’s output will get steadily even more impressive in the next few months. 

This, according to longtime TSLA bull Gene Munster of Loup Ventures, should help the company boost its delivery growth this year. Together with the potential launch of Giga Berlin and Giga Texas, Munster stated that Giga Shanghai’s ramp could boost Tesla’s delivery growth by about 80%. 

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Massive Tesla Model 3 and Model Y fleet spotted in Giga Shanghai, seemingly ready for deliveries
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