Tesla Model 3 Performance humbles Ferrari Portofino in hot lap track test

Credit: YouTube/Matteo Valenza

A Tesla Model 3 Performance has humbled a Ferrari Portofino on the 2.36 mile Autodromo di Modena track in Italy. The two vehicles’ acceleration and speed were compared through a drag race and a timed lap comparison, and braking ability was measured through a 100 km/h to 0 km/h test.

The Model 3 is owned by Italian car enthusiast Matteo Valenza, who has pegged his all-electric vehicle up against some of the most impressive performance cars in the world. To make the tests as even and as fair as possible, both vehicles utilized Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

The $57,990 Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model 3 costs about a quarter of the $215,000 Red Ferrari Portofino. The Model 3 Performance packs a Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive powertrain, significantly different from the 3.9L Twin-Turbocharged Rear-Wheel Drive setup of its Italian counterpart.

Valenza’s Model 3 was faster than the Italian supercar in the timed hot lap test by 3.7 seconds despite the Tesla’s 450 horsepower being 142 hp less than the Ferrari. The handling of the Model 3 actually proved superior, as it was able to navigate through the track quicker despite having less horsepower and a lower top speed. Following are the results of the two vehicles’ track test.

    • Tesla Model 3 Performance: 1:13.424
    • Ferrari Portofino: 1:17.162

The vehicles participated in two drag tests as well, with both vehicles managing to win one race. The Model 3’s instant torque was able to help the electric sedan pull away in the first few seconds of the initial race, and this proved to be the difference overall. However, the Ferrari was able to easily beat the Model 3 in the next race by using its sheer power to blow past the Tesla in dominating fashion.

The results of the second braking test. (Credit: YouTube/Matteo Valenza)

The braking test proved to be an even contest. The vehicles split 1-1 in the two runs, but the Model 3’s performance in the second test was enough to prove it was superior in braking distance, as it was traveling slightly quicker but was able to stop in a shorter distance.

The Model 3’s duel against the Ferrari Portofino proved to be a nearly even bout. The Model 3’s one-lap time was the difference-maker and gives the all-electric sedan the victory in the comparison of the two vehicles. As it turns out, the Model 3 Performance costs significantly less than the Ferrari but it actually performs just as well, and even better in some aspects. With these recent tests, Tesla’s reputation for outdueling some of the most expensive cars in the world continues, and it does so in quiet, dominating fashion.

Watch a Tesla Model 3 Performance go up against a Ferrari Portofino below.

Tesla Model 3 Performance humbles Ferrari Portofino in hot lap track test
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