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Tesla Model 3 production appears to have surpassed the 6k/week mark

Less than a week after crossing the 100,000-vehicle mark in new Model 3 VIN registrations, Tesla has seemingly achieved yet another milestone in its efforts to ramp the production of the electric sedan. After more than a year filled with bottlenecks, missed deadlines, and intense “burst production” weeks, Tesla appears to have achieved a production rate of more than 6,000 vehicles per week.

The updated estimates for Tesla’s Model 3 production are reflected in Bloomberg‘s online tracker, which uses data from official US government resources, social media reports, and direct communication from Tesla owners themselves. The publication’s tracker has gotten more accurate over the past few months, to the point where its Q2 estimates were only off by around 2% from Tesla’s actual figures.

Bloomberg‘s tracker has been showing a steady upward trend in terms of the Model 3’s production since August started. When Tesla registered its 100,000th VIN for the Model 3, the publication’s tracker estimated the company’s weekly production rate for the electric car to be at around 5,800 per week. These figures were updated today, with the production tracker now showing an estimated weekly production rate of 6,278 Model 3 per week.

Bloomberg‘s Tesla Model 3 production tracker as of August 23, 2018. [Credit: Bloomberg]

Tesla’s seemingly improving Model 3 ramp was the product of a long year filled with trials and tribulations for the company and its CEO. Elon Musk recently noted in an interview that the past 12 months, much of which was spent ramping the production of the Model 3, had been one of the most difficult and painful years of his career. Nevertheless, Tesla’s production ramp for the Model 3 appears to have reached a breakthrough sometime in July, following the “burst production week” implemented in the final week of June that enabled the company to produce 5,000 Model 3 per week for the first time. 

During the first weeks of Q3, Tesla exhibited signs that the Model 3’s production was moving at a healthy pace. More than 19,000 new VINs were registered during the first half of July, vehicle delivery systems were optimized, and hiring was also ramped. Musk mentioned the vehicle’s improving production figures during the Q2 2018 earnings call as well, when he stated that Tesla was able to sustain a weekly production rate of 5,000 Model 3 during “multiple weeks” in July.

It should be noted that while manufacturing 6,000 Model 3 per week is a notable feat for Tesla, the vehicle’s production ramp is only a bit more than halfway done. Tesla intends to produce as many as 10,000 Model 3 per week sometime next year, which would enable the company to saturate both the United States and other territories with the electric car. Despite being only halfway complete, the production ramp of the Model 3 is already starting to be felt by the US auto industry. In July alone, the Model 3 was able to outsell the Chevy Bolt EV — arguably its most formidable competitor today — 12:1. The Model 3 was also listed at No. 7 in GoodCarBadCar‘s list of America’s Top 20 Best Selling Cars, which included gas-powered vehicles like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic.

Tesla Model 3 production appears to have surpassed the 6k/week mark
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