Tesla takes 23% of China’s overall EV market in June; Model 3 sales rise 35%

(Credit: @DKurac/Twitter)

It appears that the Tesla Model 3 is headed for new heights in China, with the all-electric sedan selling approximately 14,954 units in June, a 35% increase compared to the previous month. This is quite impressive, considering that Made in China Model 3 sales already saw a 150% spike back in May. 

As shared recently by web media researcher @DKurac, China’s overall EV sales for June 2020 stood at around 67,000 vehicles. Among this number, and thanks to the rising sales of the Model 3 produced in Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla ended the month commanding 23% of China’s overall electric vehicle sales. 

The ramp of Tesla’s locally produced Model 3 has gotten quite steady over the past couple of months in China. Since dropping in April, Tesla Model 3 sales recovered as government incentives rolled out in May, and as the company launched more variants of the vehicle like the Long Range RWD. Considering the company’s sales numbers in June, it appears that the Model 3 is starting to hit its stride among China’s car buyers. 

Ultimately, the Tesla Model 3’s June sales bode well for the all-electric sedan and its place among China’s roster of best-selling electric vehicles. After all, the Tesla Model 3 was dubbed as China’s best-selling EV in May, and that was a month when the American electric car maker only sold 11,095 units of the all-electric sedan. 

While Model 3 sales are already seeing a relatively steady rise in China, Tesla’s overall presence in the country is poised to see a massive ramp within the coming year. This is due to the current expansion of Gigafactory Shanghai, which would allow the electric car maker to start producing the Model Y — a rather reasonably priced crossover — for the Chinese market. Considering that crossovers are prolific in China, there is a good chance that the Model Y could attract far more buyers than the Model 3. 

The current pace of Gigafactory Shanghai’s expansion suggests that the Model Y factory’s shell is now being outfitted with production equipment. If Tesla and its construction partners maintain their current pace, it would not be surprising if Model Y trial production runs could begin later this year. This is quite in line with the pace of the Made in China Model 3’s rollout, which saw trial production units rolling off the line in early Q4 2019 and customer deliveries starting in Q1 2020. 

Tesla takes 23% of China’s overall EV market in June; Model 3 sales rise 35%
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