Tesla to attend 2019 LA Auto Show, will offer test drives

Tesla exhibits its electric cars and energy products at the 2018 LA Auto Show. [Credit: Teslarati]

Tesla will be making its presence known at the upcoming 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, with the electric car maker scheduled to offer test drives for its lineup of vehicles to interested participants of the event. The test drive sessions have been formally listed on the LA Auto Show’s official website. 

The LA Auto Show is an event that has been graced by Tesla over the years, though the company’s previous efforts have been far more understated. Last year, for example, Tesla’s booth at the Los Angeles-based event was very simple, showcasing the company’s lineup of vehicles and its energy products. The same was true for Tesla’s 2017 LA Auto Show booth. 

It appears that the electric car maker is looking to shake things up a little this year. Apart from showcasing its vehicles, Tesla will also be offering test drives for the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 for the LA Auto Show’s attendees. This would not only add a more interactive flourish to the company’s booth at the event; it would also provide interested drivers the opportunity to experience a Tesla firsthand.

Based on an announcement from the organizers of the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, Tesla’s test drive program will run for the duration of the event, from Nov. 22 to Dec. 1. It should be noted that participants have to be 21 years old or older with a valid US Driver’s License to be able to sign up for the company’s test drives. The use of mobile devices while driving is also strictly prohibited. 

Tesla has not provided details about its Model S, Model X, and Model 3 test drive program at the LA Auto Show, though there is a good chance that the company will utilize the best vehicles in its lineup for the event. Thus, it would not be surprising if the company’s test drive fleet will be comprised of Raven Model S and Model X Performance units, as well as Model 3 Performance sedans. 

Overall, offering test drives at the LA Auto Show could prove to be a wise strategy for Tesla. Test drives, after all, are a great way for potential customers to experience the company’s products firsthand. This is backed up by the Tesla community, many of whom decided to purchase their electric vehicles after undergoing a test drive in one of the company’s EVs.

Apart from its test drive program, Tesla will likely showcase some of its new energy products at the upcoming event as well. In previous years, the Silicon Valley-based company has brought over a “House of the Future” to the event, featuring its clean energy products like the Powerwall 2 and the Solar Roof tiles. With this in mind, it seems safe to assume that Elon Musk’s Solarglass V3 tiles will make an appearance at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Tesla to attend 2019 LA Auto Show, will offer test drives
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