Tesla Model X conquers icy ditch, proving this isn’t your ordinary SUV

The awesomeness that comes with Tesla’s all wheel drive system  powered by dual electric motors stretches far beyond its ability to out accelerate exotic sports cars. With unparalleled traction control and independently applied torque to front and rear wheels, the Model X isn’t just ridiculously quick, it’s also a serious off-roading machine.

A new video put together by Test-drive TV gives us a first look at how Tesla’s dual motor configuration can provide traction even when conditions call for a snow and ice covered ditch. Though the Model X appears to be outfitted with a set of popular winter tires among Tesla owners, the video is nonetheless impressive as it showcases the vehicle’s chassis rigidity – helped by the floor-mounted battery pack – and the computer’s ability to intelligently distribute torque to wheels that require it the most. In this case, traversing a slippery ditch.

Also seen in the video is an instance when both the Falcon Wing doors and self-presenting front doors are opened while the vehicle is parked on an extreme tilt. We noticed that the hosts of the video were able to single-press and close all doors via the key fob without encountering any door collisions.

Note: The video is in Russian.

Tesla Model X conquers icy ditch, proving this isn’t your ordinary SUV
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