Made-in-China Tesla Model Y Performance debuts with AMD Ryzen graphics chip

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Giga Shanghai started Tesla Model Y Performance deliveries, kicking off deliveries for the Chinese market. 

Some Model Y Performance owners in China revealed that their vehicle is equipped with an AMD Ryzen graphics chip. A few of the MIC Model Y Performance owners already shared videos showing the smooth transitions in their infotainment systems, which appear to be running an AMD Ryzen SoC. 

“The new YP is really amazing after using AMD Ryzen processor 👍Open iQiyi scrolling is not stuck at all!” commented one Model Y Performance owner. 

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Besides its Ryzen chip, Tesla owners also noted that the company upgraded the Model Y Performance’s 12V lead-acid battery to a 16V lithium battery. According to NEDC standards, the Model Y Performance’s estimated range is 545 km (339 miles). 

The MIC Model Y Performance cost RMB ¥387,900 ($60,686.18) in China and does not qualify for subsidies because of its price. According to Tesla China’s configurator, only the Model Y 5-seater option is available for the Performance variant. 

Tesla China includes a “Racing Package” with every Model Y Performance purchase. The Racing Package includes:

  • A 21-inch cyclone hub.
  • An advanced braking device.
  • A carbon fiber spoiler.
  • Aluminum alloy pedals.
  • Lower suspension. 

Enhanced Autopilot costs an extra RMB ¥32,000 ($5,006.34). It includes auto-assisted navigation in and out of ramps or overpasses, plus guidance when overtaking slow-moving vehicles. Enhanced Autopilot also has lane change assistance, Summon, and Autopark.

Full Self-Driving costs RMB ¥64,000 ($10,012.67) in China. It includes all functions in basic and Enhanced Autopilot. Tesla also notes that FSD in China will soon launch the capability to recognize and react to traffic lights and stop signs, along with inner-city streets driving assistance.

As of this writing, the Model Y Performance is still available for delivery in Q4 2021. The Model Y RWD and the Model Y Long Range are already sold out for the year. The estimated delivery time for the base Model Y and Long Range variant is Q1 2022. 

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Made-in-China Tesla Model Y Performance debuts with AMD Ryzen graphics chip
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