Tesla Model Y Performance ready for delivery in China, hits EU in early 2022

(Credit: Tesla China)

Giga Shanghai seems ready to deliver the Tesla Model Y Performance in China and Europe in the coming months. Tesla Model Y Performance vehicles were already spotted on car carriers in China, hinting at impending deliveries to reservation holders.

According to Tesla China’s order page, Model Y Performance deliveries will start in the fourth quarter. A recent picture of a Made-in-China (MIC) Model Y Performance loaded onto a car carrier suggests that Giga Shanghai’s delivery dates are going as planned.

Based on Tesla’s order page in Germany, Model Y Performance deliveries are expected to start in early 2022. Giga Shanghai will likely begin producing Model Y Performance vehicles for Europe by January 2022, and deliveries may start in Q1 2022.

Giga Shanghai has been instrumental in Model Y deliveries to European reservation holders. The facility hit a production rate of 1,600 Model Y units per day back in September. In August, MIC Model Y production officially exceeded Model 3 production.

Giga Shanghai has been staying on top of production and deliveries in both China and Europe this year. Tesla surpassed its 2020 Guidance in the third quarter, delivering a total of 627,350 vehicles in 2021 so far. Giga Shanghai contributed significantly to Tesla’s stellar numbers throughout the year.

For instance, Tesla China delivered over 133,000 vehicles in Q3 2021, making up a little over 50% of Tesla’s overall deliveries in the last quarter. Elon Musk has confirmed that Giga Shanghai exceeds the Fremont Factory’s production rate.

“We have three new factories. Giga Shanghai has done an incredible job. And Giga Shanghai now exceeds Fremont in production,” Musk announced at the 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting.

As of September, Tesla Giga Shanghai’s annualized production rate was reportedly 450,000 units. However, Tesla China continues to ramp production and make improvements.

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Tesla Model Y Performance ready for delivery in China, hits EU in early 2022
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