Tesla Model Y continues to be one of China’s top-selling premium SUVs

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China may be a competitive market for Tesla, but the Model Y is still maintaining its place as one of the country’s top-selling SUVs. This can be seen in the Model Y’s January to March retail sales, which reached an impressive 94,647 units.

The Tesla Model Y became China’s best-selling SUV in March, with the EV maker selling 54,937 units of the vehicle during the month, as per figures provided by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

The Model Y saw a significant sales increase of 38.28% year-on-year and a 115.22% rise month-over-month, as per data tracked by CNEV Post. For the January-March period, Tesla’s Model Y secured second place in China’s SUV market, with 94,647 retail sales, a 26.7% improvement from the previous year.

For context, the best-selling SUV in China for the January-March period was the BYD Song, which saw 141,415 units sold during the first quarter. The BYD Song fell behind the Model Y in March, however, as it only sold 40,144 units compared to the Model Y’s 54,937.

Tesla’s Model 3 sedan ranked fifth in China’s new energy sedan sales for March, with 21,726 units sold. The figure reflects a 16.52% decrease year-on-year but a substantial 158.74% increase from February. Model 3 sales in the January-March period reached 42,782 units, a 27.3% growth from the previous year.

Part of the Model 3’s rather tempered sales in China during the first quarter is likely due to a production halt in Gigafactory Shanghai. Reports suggested that Model 3 production at Gigafactory Shanghai was paused during the latter half of February to make way for upgrades to the vehicle’s line. Speculations suggested that the upgrades were possibly preparations for the Model 3’s highly anticipated “Project Highland” update.

The CPCA reported that Tesla delivered a total of 76,663 units in China in March while exporting 12,206 vehicles. Tesla’s China factory, Gigafactory Shanghai, which produces both the Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV, typically focuses on exports during the first half of each quarter before focusing its resources on the local market in the latter half of every quarter.

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Tesla Model Y continues to be one of China’s top-selling premium SUVs
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