First Tesla Model Y in Netherlands spotted undergoing Autopilot, Supercharger tests

A Tesla Model Y spotted in the Netherlands. (Photo: Hans Noordsij/Tesla Owners Club Netherlands)

It appears that Tesla has begun testing the Model Y on European roads, and it has reached the Netherlands in its recent travels. Based on accounts from Tesla owners in the area, the vehicle appears to be testing several of its features, such as its Autopilot system and its Supercharging capabilities. 

An image of the US-spec Model Y was shared recently by the Tesla Owners Club Nederland group, which featured the all-electric crossover charging from a EU-spec Supercharger. Interestingly enough, a Tesla Model S service unit was alongside the Model Y. According to Tesla owner and electric vehicle veteran Hans Noordsij, the Model Y has been making its way across several countries before it reached Dutch roads. 

The Tesla Model Y’s European road tests reportedly began in Germany. From there, the all-electric crossover headed to Holland, before traveling to Tilburg, where it was photographed at a Supercharger. Based on information shared with Teslarati, the Model Y was using a CCS adapter to plug into the region’s Superchargers, highlighting once more that it was a US-spec vehicle. 

Conducting real-world tests of the Tesla Model Y on European roads is incredibly important for the electric car maker. The vehicle must be approved in Europe before it could be offered to customers, after all, and this includes driver-assist features such as Autopilot. Road tests are invaluable towards this goal. 

The Model Y is a key vehicle in Tesla’s plan to enter the mainstream auto market, with CEO Elon Musk stating in the past that he expects the Model Y to sell more than the Model 3, Model S, and Model X combined. This is partly due to the fact that the Model Y is a crossover, which happens to be a very popular segment across the auto industry today. 

Perhaps the biggest question with the Model Y and Europe for now would be Tesla’s immediate plans for the all-electric crossover. The Model Y will be the first vehicle that will be produced in Gigafactory Berlin, whose initial stages are currently being built. However, Tesla’s Germany plant is not expected to begin producing vehicles until next year. 

With this in mind, there is some value to Tesla initially shipping the Model Y to Europe from the United States, as the same strategy has been adopted with the Model 3 to some success. Then again, it would be quite interesting to see how European customers would respond to an imported version of the Model Y, when a German-made variant of the crossover, which would likely be built according to the country’s strict quality standards and will be priced more reasonably, is coming in the near future. 

First Tesla Model Y in Netherlands spotted undergoing Autopilot, Supercharger tests
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