Even Tesla underestimates the Model Y’s real potential demand in Europe

The Tesla Model Y crossover. (Credit: Edmunds/Twitter)

The Tesla Model Y may be the electric car maker’s most understated vehicle in terms of exterior design, but it is also the one that is most ambitious in terms of its target market. This is because the Model Y is competing in the crossover segment, a market that is incredibly popular in regions such as the United States, Europe, and China. 

But if a recent report from Germany is any indication, it appears that Tesla may actually be underestimating the real potential of the Model Y in Europe, especially when Gigafactory Berlin comes into the picture. 

German publication Spiegel Online, one of the country’s most widely-read news websites, recently managed to test and review the new all-electric crossover. The publication’s findings on the Model Y were similar to other insights that have been published about the vehicle: the Model Y is no Model X in terms of fanciness, but it’s a solid vehicle that can be appreciated by mainstream consumers. 

Being a crossover, the Model Y must excel in both performance and utility, and it must be a compelling vehicle for families that are fond of the ultra-popular SUVs on the market today. Tesla’s newest vehicle does this, thanks to its clever design that gives it a cavernous interior and luggage space, as well as its bleeding edge tech that’s represented by its over-the-air software updates and novel features like Autopilot. 

But, as Spiegel Online noted, the Model Y today is still somewhat weighed down by the vehicle’s build quality. The vehicle is currently only being produced in Tesla’s Fremont factory, and while its quality is already far better than the early-production Model 3s, there is still ample areas for improvement. This is something that was highlighted by automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro, who analyzed every aspect of the all-electric crossover. 

While the Model Y will most definitely be a strong contender in the premium crossover EV segment, the publication noted that the vehicle would only get more compelling if it has a “Made in Germany” seal of approval. Such will be possible when Gigafactory Berlin starts its operations and begins building Made-in-Germany Model Ys for the European market. 

German made cars are noted for their performance and quality. There is a reason, after all, why luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi call Germany their home. The automotive industry is practically embedded in the country’s culture, and this is something that Tesla can use to its own advantage with its Berlin electric vehicle factory. Simply put, there is a pretty significant chance that Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-made Model Y will be built with the same standards and quality as other German automobiles. 

So far, Teslas are already performing well in Europe, with vehicles like the Model 3 ranking well in the overall EV sales of several countries in the region. With Tesla fully nailing even the vehicle’s more subtle factors such as panel alignment and paint quality, there is a very good chance that demand for the company’s EVs, most especially mainstream ones like the Model Y, will be pleasantly greater than expected. 

Even Tesla underestimates the Model Y’s real potential demand in Europe
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