Tesla China’s Model Y RWD delivery date estimate falls to just 1-4 weeks

Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Tesla China’s focus on the domestic market has become evident. As could be seen in a recent update on Tesla China’s official website, Model Y RWD delivery date estimates have fallen to just 1-4 weeks. This means that customers who order their Model Y RWD today could receive their vehicles this September or perhaps early October. 

Prior to the update, Tesla China’s entry-level Model Y RWD delivery date was listed at 4-8 weeks. This made sense at the time, as Tesla China was busy exporting Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers from Gigafactory Shanghai to foreign territories like Europe. Recent videos from the Shanghai South Port Terminal have hinted that Tesla China’s exports this Q3 have been completed for now

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai produces the company’s two best-selling vehicles, the Model 3 and the Model Y. The Model 3 is offered in two variants in China, while the Model Y is offered in three versions. Estimated delivery dates for the Model Y Long Range in China are still listed at 16-20 weeks, while estimated delivery dates for the Model Y Performance are listed at a slightly shorter but still substantial 12-16 weeks. 

While Gigafactory Shanghai’s output is generally split between the domestic Chinese market and exports to foreign territories, the facility should be able to produce more vehicles in the coming months. This is due to upgrades that have been reportedly implemented in Giga Shanghai between late July and early August. The upgrades are expected to increase the facility’s output to about 1.1 million vehicles per year, according to a CNEV Post report. 

With the capability to produce about 1.1 million vehicles per year, Giga Shanghai has effectively become the company’s largest electric car factory by output. This was hinted at in Tesla’s Q2 2022 Update Letter, which revealed that at the time, Giga Shanghai’s capacity was already at over 750,000 units. This was before the recent round of upgrades in the plant, which are expected to have improved the facility’s run rate to around 3,000 Model 3 and Model Y per day, or perhaps more. 

Giga Shanghai has achieved a number of milestones as of late. Earlier this month, the facility announced that it had produced its 1 millionth car. This is quite an accomplishment as the facility only started vehicle deliveries in December 2019. Elon Musk has acknowledged Giga Shanghai’s ramp, noting during the 2022 Cyber Roundup that it would be hard to beat the facility even if the company implements a “friendly competition” among its EV production plants. 

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Tesla China’s Model Y RWD delivery date estimate falls to just 1-4 weeks
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