Tesla Model Y gets two new colors and new range ratings

Credit: Tesla

Tesla added two new colors for the Model Y all-electric crossover on Thursday night and simultaneously updated range estimates for two configurations of the vehicle.

The two colors are not new to Tesla’s repertoire but are new to the Model Y. The automaker has added Stealth Grey and Ultra Red to the Model Y’s selectable tones. Stealth Grey won’t cost buyers extra, but Ultra Red will be an additional $2,000.

Stealth Grey was first introduced to the Model S and Model X in October 2023, while Ultra Red was added to the cars’ in March of last year.

Ultra Red is the same as “Flame Red,” which is offered in China.

It marks the first time Tesla has offered a new color for the Model Y in the United States since its launch. In Europe, Tesla offers Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver, two colors that are exclusive to Model Y vehicles built at Gigafactory Berlin.

Tesla Giga Berlin launches Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red paint for Giga Berlin

In addition to the Model Y’s new colors, the company also updated range estimates for both vehicles.

The Model Y’s Long Range and Performance configurations have both had their ranges reduced as well. The Long Range is now rated at 310 miles, down 20 miles from 330.

Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance is down to 285 miles from its previous rating of 303.

The colors are now offered on three Tesla vehicles built in the U.S., with only the Model 3 keeping the original five colors it was offered in (at least for now). Tesla has phased out the Midnight Silver Metallic that it previously offered as a free option for the Model Y.

As of 8:46 p.m. on Thursday night, Tesla is still offering both Midnight Silver Metallic and Red Multi-Coat on the Model 3.

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Tesla Model Y gets two new colors and new range ratings
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