Tesla Midnight Cherry Red

New Tesla Midnight Cherry Red paint option now available in Europe

Credit: Tesla

The newest Tesla colors, Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver, are working their way into production in mainland Europe.

Tesla revealed its two newest colors, Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver, towards the end of last year, and customers quickly became entranced with the new options. Now, Midnight Cherry Red has become available for order via the European vehicle configurator. However, it remains unclear if or when new colors will come to other markets.

The new color option was found on the French Tesla site and quickly made its way to Twitter via TeslaClubFrance.

The new Midnight Cherry Red is only available on the Tesla Model Y Performance. Otherwise, customers have access to the normal red, grey, black, white, and blue options. While Quicksilver is also anticipated to be available for order shortly, the configurator does not currently list the color as an option for any of the vehicles on the site. Midnight Cherry Red is an optional color that costs an additional 3,200 euros ($3435.07).

Currently, both of the new colors will only be available for vehicles that are coming from the Giga Berlin facility, where the facility’s upgraded paint shop has the technology necessary to paint the new colors. However, Elon Musk has confirmed that new colors will also come to North America. It remains unclear what those colors will be or when they will become available.

Tesla has found yet another way to improve profitability despite the current market downturn, and customer excitement for the simple color changes shows just how strong demand for Tesla vehicles remains. Hopefully, with the introduction of a new color outside of Europe (hopefully) in the near future, Tesla can continue to capitalize on high demand in North America as well.

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New Tesla Midnight Cherry Red paint option now available in Europe
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