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All four Tesla Models receive late-night price increases

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On Friday, all four Tesla Models received late-night price increases, ranging from $2,000 for the Model Y Long Range and Model 3 Standard Range+ to $5,000 for the Model S and Model X Long Range configurations.

Tesla’s mass-market Model Y in the Long Range variant, which has a May delivery projection, was increased from $54,990 to $56,990 on Friday evening. Additionally, the Model 3 Standard Range+, which was Tesla’s only vehicle under $40,000 just two months ago, is now $43,990 from $41,990. The Model 3 SR+ has increased from $37,990 to $43,990 this year and is set for delivery in June 2022.

Tesla’s revamped versions of its flagship vehicles, the Model S and Model X, also both received price bumps late Friday night. The price increases only affected the Long Range configurations of the S and X and not the ultra-performance Plaid variants. The Model S Long Range increased to $94,990 from $89,990 and is scheduled for June delivery. The Model X Long Range is now $104,990 from $99,990, and deliveries are set for September.

It is no secret that Tesla’s demand continues to increase while the company’s production output slowly broadens. Tesla is currently producing vehicles at the Fremont factory in Northern California and Gigafactory Shanghai in China. However, the company plans to open two new production facilities in the next few months, although the automaker is uncertain that these new manufacturing lines will be ready before the end of 2021.

During the Q3 2021 Earnings Call, Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn said:

“So it remains our target in both Austin and Berlin to be able to build our first production cars before the end of the year. So, you know, there is quite an execution journey ahead of us. But that remains our target, and all of our plans are oriented around that. We should not expect for us to deliver cars by the end of 2021 from these factories even if we do produce them — so homologation, regulatory reasons.”

Production capacity for Tesla will undoubtedly increase in 2022, but it may not occur by the end of the year like the company planned due to regulations in Germany and Texas that could delay initial production efforts. In 2022, Tesla will spend “a bulk of the year working on ramping these factories” so that demand can be handled on a global scale.

It is unknown whether the price increases are due to the extensive backlog or due to parts shortages. Tesla has been able to avoid many bottlenecks that have affected other carmakers, but the company was transparent during the Earnings Call that it was challenging to keep things running while supply chain uncertainties still lingered.

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All four Tesla Models receive late-night price increases
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