Tesla the most preferred EV among dispatchers and drivers: study

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A study from software company Circuit has shown that delivery drivers and dispatchers have one preferred brand when it comes to electric vehicles — Tesla. The distance between Tesla and other EV brands was notable. 

Sustainable practices such as the adoption of electric vehicles could significantly help companies save money and vehicle maintenance while adhering to compliance regulations. For its study, Circuit surveyed over 1,000 delivery drivers and dispatchers to find out how they’re working to reduce their carbon footprints. 

As per the study’s findings, one-fifth of dispatchers planned to switch to hybrid or electric vehicles to reduce their operating costs. Almost one in ten delivery drivers also noted that they drove an electric vehicle. Among the EVs available in the market, 51% of drivers and 38% of dispatchers preferred Tesla. Following Tesla was Ford, which was favored by 28% of dispatchers and 17% of drivers. 

Overall 20% of dispatchers that were surveyed by Circuit noted that they were planning to switch to electric vehicles. About 7% of delivery drivers that were surveyed by Circuit noted that they were already driving an EV. 

Among the strategies that were employed by dispatchers and drivers to make last-mile deliveries more sustainable, the use of electric or hybrid vehicles ranked third with 28%. The use of delivery route optimization solutions ranked first with 73%. About 15% of dispatchers in the study even noted that drone technology is being used to reduce carbon emissions. 

A 2021 US Energy Information Administration report estimated that there was approximately 1,486 million metric tons in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from gasoline and diesel transportation in the United States. And while vehicles like the Tesla Semi are optimized for long-distance transportation of goods, smaller vehicles like the Model Y are perfectly suitable for last-mile deliveries. Vehicles like the upcoming Robovan will likely be even better. 

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Tesla the most preferred EV among dispatchers and drivers: study
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