Tesla shares mesmerizing 4680 battery cell assembly video

Credit: Tobias Marmann/LinkedIn

Tesla’s 4680 batteries are a huge part of the company’s future, with products such as the Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi utilizing the next-generation cell. Since they were unveiled on 2020’s Battery Day, however, few specifics about the 4680 cells have been shared by the electric vehicle maker. 

Tesla’s 4680 batteries allow the company to equip its vehicles with a structural battery pack, which is beneficial to manufacturing costs and safety. During the Cyber Rodeo, Tesla noted that its 4680 structural battery pack reduces the size of the pack manufacturing line by half compared to previous factories. 

It would not be an exaggeration to state that numerous EV advocates are eagerly waiting for any updates regarding Tesla’s 4680 program. This was why a recent video posted by a Tesla Recruitment Leader at Gigafactory Berlin on LinkedIn was welcomed so well by the EV community. The video was less than a minute long, but it showed several mesmerizing sequences of the 4680 battery’s assembly process

“So mesmerizing to watch. #Battery cell assembly at #Tesla 🔋⚡🔋. Also exciting to be working Tesla, where we are at the forefront of production innovation. Many Gigafactories and Megafactories have been announced by others (which is great!), but many are yet to be built,” Tobias Marmann, a Recruitment Leader from Giga Berlin, wrote. 

The Recruitment leader made it a point to highlight that Tesla’s battery production efforts are not exclusive to one country. Instead, the electric vehicle maker is “pushing the boundaries of cell development and cell production” in Germany, China, and the United States. This all but confirms that over time, even sites like Gigafactory Shanghai would likely have their own 4680 plants as well. 

It should be noted that Tesla is not the only company working on 4680 cells. The company’s longtime battery partner, Panasonic, is also well into its development of the next-generation batteries. According to Panasonic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Hirokazu Umeda, Tesla has been asking Panasonic to speed up the development of its 4680 cells as well. 

Watch Tesla’s recent 4680 battery cell assembly video below. 

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Tesla shares mesmerizing 4680 battery cell assembly video
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