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Tesla Canada lists high-volume recruiter opening in Montreal hinting at a new facility is in the works

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Tesla’s Careers page has a new job listing, hinting that the electric vehicle maker is hiring a high-volume recruiter for Montréal, Quebec. The job listing has inspired speculations that Tesla may be planning a new Canada facility in the area.

Tesla’s potential new Canada facility has attracted a lot of interest since Elon Musk responded positively to the idea of a potential Gigafactory in the country during the 2022 Cyber Roundup. During the meeting, Musk was discussing future Gigafactory sites when the audience suggested Canada as a location. Musk responded with, “I’m half Canadian. Maybe I should.”

While Musk’s comments then seemed like they were done in jest, a July lobbyist registration from Tesla suggested that the company may indeed be looking at Canada as a potential factory site. More recent reports revealed that Tesla has seemingly communicated with the Canadian government four times in the last six months. Canada’s Science and Economic Development Minister François-Philippe Champagne reportedly even toured a Tesla site in August.

Tesla hasn’t confirmed that its next gigafactory would be in Canada. However, the recent job listing on the company’s Careers page does give the impression that the EV maker may really be building a new Canada facility. As noted in observations from the online electric vehicle community, Tesla’s job description for a Recruiter post in Montréal, Quebec, mirrors the wording of High-Volume Recruiter job listings.

Tesla’s Careers page shows that “High-Volume Recruiters” are being hired in areas where a gigafactory has been built, such as Austin, Texas and Grünheide (Mark), Brandenburg. Granted, this is not confirmation that Giga Canada is really happening, but it does suggest that Tesla has intentions to ramp the headcount of its Canada team.

Information from Tesla has so far not revealed if the company is actually interested in building a vehicle or battery manufacturing facility in Canada, though the company’s filings and job listings do suggest that there’s a lot of interest in the country. It should be noted, however, that Tesla is no stranger to establishing facilities in Canada, as the company finances lithium-ion battery research in Nova Scotia. The EV maker also owns Hibar Tesla Toronto Automation.

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Tesla Canada lists high-volume recruiter opening in Montreal hinting at a new facility is in the works
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