Tesla launches new “Lunar Silver” paint option for Model S and Model X

Credit: Tesla

It seems that Tesla is seeing a silver renaissance of sorts. As could be seen in Tesla’s official website, the flagship Model S sedan and Model X SUV are now offered with a brand new paint option — Lunar Silver. The new paint option costs an additional $2,500. 

Lunar Silver is described as a “clean silver with a pronounced metallic effect and subtle blue tint.” Images posted by Tesla show that the new paint option is indeed very pleasing to the eyes, as it looks a bit shinier than the Model 3’s discontinued Metallic Silver option, which was available during the mainstream all-electric sedan’s early days. 

As could be seen in the images of Lunar Silver in the Model S and Model X order pages, however, it appears that the two flagship vehicle’s new paint option may not be as deep as Quicksilver, which is available in Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai-made Model Y units. Quicksilver seems to be coming to Giga Texas as well, as inventory Model Y units from the facility have been spotted sporting the deep silver color. 

The lighter shade of silver in the Model S and Model X’s Lunar Silver paint option might be due to the capabilities of the Fremont Factory’s paint shop. When Tesla launched Quicksilver, the company highlighted that the color, together with Midnight Cherry Red, was only made possible thanks to Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop, which allows up to 13 layers for depth and dimension. 

Inasmuch as Quicksilver features a deeper shade compared to the Model S and Model X’s Lunar Silver paint option, it should be noted that the former costs €2,600 ($2,800), while Lunar Silver is more affordable at $2,500, at least in the United States. For now, the electric vehicle community seems to be appreciating the return of silver to Tesla’s lineup. The trend seems evident, after all, with the Model Y’s Quicksilver option, the Cybertruck’s bare silver steel finish, and now, the Model S and Model X’s Lunar Silver paint. 

Now all Tesla needs to do is release Lunar Silver for the reengineered Tesla Model 3 Performance. 

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Tesla launches new “Lunar Silver” paint option for Model S and Model X
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