Redwood Materials partners with General Motors 

(Credit: Redwood Materials)

Redwood Materials is partnering with General Motors to recycle the legacy automaker’s production scraps from its Ohio and Tennessee plants. 

“Together, we’re building America’s battery supply chain,” said Redwood Materials. 

Redwood Materials has been making big strides in localizing battery production in North America. At the beginning of the year, the battery recycling company announced it would be building a cathode plant that would supply enough materials to manufacture 1 million EVs per year.

General Motors has an Ultium battery factory in Ohio and Tennessee. The legacy automaker has had a challenging time ramping up Ultium battery production. In February 2024, General Motors welcomed Tesla’s former Senior Director of battery technology, Kurt Kelty, into the company. Kelty seems to have helped General Motors find its groove with Ultium battery production. 

By March 2024, General Motors’ Factory Zero in Michigan reportedly finally left production hell. GM’s Factory Zero was supposed to be a fully automated electric vehicle (EV) assembly plant and battery cell production facility. However, GM hit some challenges when trying to scale Ultium production. 

General Motor’s partnership with Redwood Materials hints that the legacy automaker is taking the next steps in its battery production journey. Toyota, Ford, and Volvo have partnered with Redwood Materials in the past. Tesla and Panasonic have also partnered with Redwood Materials on a $3.5 billion battery plant in South Carolina

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Redwood Materials partners with General Motors 
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