Tesla free color option changes in North America

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla changed its free color option from White to Midnight Silver in North America. The change applied to Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. The white color option now costs $1,000. Tesla did not change the color options and prices for the Model S and Model X. 

In late 2021, Tesla owner @28delayslater asked Elon Musk on Twitter to change the company’s free color option. Many people replied, agreeing with the suggestions, stating that there were too many white Teslas on the road. The Tesla owner also suggested making the free color options silver. 

Elon Musk quickly responded to @28delayslater’s suggestion and said he would discuss it with the team. Over a year later, Tesla changes its free color option to Midnight Silver. 

Pearl White Multi-Coat has been Tesla’s free color option since June 2019. Before Pearl White Multi-Coat, Tesla’s free color option was Solid Black paint, resulting in a sea of Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles sporting black paint. 

As of this writing, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Deep Blue Metallic cost an additional $1,000. Solid Black costs $1,500, while Red Multi-Coat is $2,000. 

Tesla offers different color options in various regions worldwide. For example, Tesla Giga Berlin offers Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver paint options.

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Tesla free color option changes in North America
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