Tesla asked social media about its points for improvement — the EV community delivered

(Credit: Tesla)

Elon Musk has been pretty open about the idea of using social media platforms like Twitter to communicate directly with customers. Tesla highlighted this in its 2022 Impact Report, with the company noting that its social media accounts have helped it reach 1 billion views on Twitter last year.

With Twitter now being owned by Elon Musk, it is no surprise that his companies like Tesla are now more active on the platform. And in a recent post, the official Tesla account asked Twitter users what it could improve. The EV community, from fans to longtime owners, responded, to a great degree. As of writing, Tesla’s post has attracted over 22k comments.

A look at the comments on Tesla’s post would show that there are numerous calls for better service. Service has been Tesla’s Achilles heel for some time now, and with the company adopting a “best service is no service” stance, some owners have reported experiencing difficulties contacting Tesla for issues with their vehicles. Comments on Tesla’s post suggest that customer service is still a key point of improvement for the company.

Also prominent among the comments in the EV maker’s post was Full Self-Driving, and the company’s current system when an owner replaces their existing vehicle. FSD, after all, is priced at a premium for its future features, but owners who purchased it for their vehicles end up buying the system again when they replace their cars now. As such, numerous comments on Tesla’s post suggested that the company roll out FSD transfers, at least for longtime owners.

Other suggestions included improvements to Autopilot performance, build quality, and communication with countries outside the United States and Canada regarding the availability of FSD functions. Other comments also called out Tesla for not having Tesla Spanish, French, or German language accounts on social media, considering that the company has been ramping up its presence with dedicated local accounts for countries such as Japan.

What other things can Tesla improve, in your opinion?

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Tesla asked social media about its points for improvement — the EV community delivered
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